• Kelli Francis

Recognizing my Kate

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool has seemed to understand and recognize Kate from day one. When they talk about her, they never fail to depict the same version of Kate that I know from home – which two other schools were unable to do. They know that she is incredibly smart, feisty, stubborn, and full of strong opinions. They knew quickly that she has a wicked, quick, dry sense of humor. They know that she is sweet, curious, and eager to learn. They understand that she needs assistance in the classroom, but they also notice and celebrate everything that she’s able to do independently. They have an inherent respect for Kate and a deep belief in her. They trust that she is capable of anything asked and they offer a foundation of unconditional encouragement and support.

They give my daughter the one thing that was previously out-of-reach … an early childhood education

filled with support, exploration, friendship, and play.

They turned school into a magical place rather than a frightening one. It hurts to think about how Kate’s future would look if her early experiences with school had remained negative – so I feel that by choosing to respect and inspire Kate, Peachtree Presbyterian has given Kate a key piece of her childhood back and cast the brightest possible ray of light

on her future. With a seven-word sentence about inclusion and a school that more than delivers on its promise, they’ve opened Kate’s world up in ways I hadn’t thought possible and enriched her life forever.

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