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Kate’s Preschool Adventures 11.05.18 – 11.09.18

At the end of this week, on Saturday, we celebrated Kate’s 5th birthday. Not only did 15 friends show up at a trampoline park to help her celebrate, but several parents shared the care their children had taken in selecting a gift for Kate. A few fellow classroom moms had been forced to return a gift they’d bought Kate because upon arriving home with it, their children insisted that something else would be better for Kate! Although I felt terrible for those moms, I was so grateful for their commitment to Kate, and that of their children. And I was thrilled to learn that many of Kate’s peers wanted to get her art supplies because in the classroom, they see her passion for drawing and painting. That has been a long-fought goal at home, so to see it coming to life in Kate’s classroom is both humbling and impressive.

Below are a few highlights of Kate’s week, November 5 – 9, 2018, taken from her facilitator’s daily note:

Kate had a very happy day today and she has been very vocal this week. She has also been making lots of eye contact with teachers and peers.

Kate made lots of eye contact with Ms. Marian today. Kate kept trying to get her attention and when Ms. Marian would come over to her and look into her eyes, Kate would begin to start laughing and smiling. Also, during snack time, Kate sat with Keith and the two of them kept smiling and laughing together while eating.

Kate also played in the light area with Ava and Cameron. They sang songs and also built a castle together.

We practiced some cutting in small groups today. We were working on showing how insects eat leaves. Ms. Kate also worked with Kate a little bit and Kate signed "eat" when talking about the insects eating.

We also worked this morning using letter tiles to spell out Kate's name. We worked using her name card and she did a great job with pointing out each letter as I named it. This is something that we practice every day and it was great to see Kate be so attentive and receptive during this activity.

Our class had such a fun time spending our day on the outdoor classroom today. There was so much to see, do, and explore. Kate enjoyed finding nature items throughout the bushes and trees in the fairy garden. She and Ava painted leaves. Ms. Libby (the Preschool's new music teacher) also came out and visited with us. She brought instruments, her guitar, and a speaker to play music. Kate and the other children truly enjoyed her singing and dancing along to the music. Kate chose to play the bells. She really had a great time. The chickens were in their coop and had laid eggs. Kate visited with Zig Zag and Fluffy for a little while also.

Kate was really enjoying our singing at morning meeting today. When we were finishing up singing, 'This Is the Day', Kate kept on singing for a couple of seconds when the song had ended.

The children put their hands together when praying ("prayer hands") and today Kate needed very few physical prompts to keep her hands together for the duration of prayer time.

Kate had a great day in the classroom. She was so attentive and showing signs of independence as well. Coming in from carpool this morning, Jason and Kate had come down the hallway together. Jason peeped his head into the room to say that Kate needed help hanging her bag. Kate, however was already in the bathroom. What a great moment for her as this was the first day she initiated going to the restroom on her own!

She had some other great moments throughout the day. After she finished her morning provocation this morning, I asked her if she was all done. She answered "all done." We have been using this phrase lots so it was great to hear her say it so confidently.

Kate sat next to Keith this morning during our gathering time. He helped her with clapping to our songs. She is also doing a better job with her "prayer hands."

This morning Kate sat with Cameron and Madeline. They were playing a hand clapping game that had a song. Kate and I joined in on the clapping and singing. We also used the magnet tiles and people to make buildings.

During small group time, Kate and Max played a turn-taking game. Kate won the game and is getting really well with passing the materials to the next person.

Kate did great with her snack clean up today. We had oranges, popcorn, and raisins. When Kate had peeled her orange, she gathered all of the peels in a neat pile and threw them away independently. She had never done this before. Also, with only the words "Kate, we're all done" she got up and put all of her trash away.

For small groups today, we worked on Kate's morning news (thank you card for the snack helper). Kate was joined by other friends who also needed to complete theirs. Then she wanted to make mail. She made mail for Mary Elliott. We got to practice using a glue stick and also writing letters.

Kate, Campbell and Luke also did some painting of nature items today. Kate did a great job and did not need much assistance with using the paintbrush since we have been exploring paint more often in the classroom.

Since the rain was pouring down, we stayed indoors and had some music and movement time. Kate and the classroom friends had such a great time dancing and moving all about. It was such a fun time. Cameron, Campbell, Madeline, and Mary Elliott invited Kate to join their circle and they walked and skipped around to the rhythm of the music.

Kate has done great this week with identifying the letters of her name using her name card.

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