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Kate's Preschool Adventures 10.10.18-10.12.18

Kate’s eye contact and gross motor imitation are sharply on the rise lately – two goals of her early childhood intervention that are being well-supported at school. Kate’s classmates were delighted to discover recently that she likes giving out high-fives, and I’m told that they now line up to high-five her! Even during a short week, with two days off of school for fall break, I received some wonderful updates.

Below are a few highlights of Kate’s week, October 10 – 12, 2018, taken from her facilitator’s daily note:


We worked lots today with greetings (especially during arrival and morning play). Kate is working on saying "hi" while making eye contact to greet friends and teachers. Kate loves greeting friends and especially giving them high-fives!

Kate did so many activities today! She and Campbell painted insect wings, using water colors, at the art table. Kate, Ava, Georgia, and Jason spent time together at the learning table.

Kate and Alexander (and Ms. Shauna) played a game at the game table. The game involved a spinner. Kate practiced and practiced each turn that she had and by the end of the game, she was attentive to accept the materials necessary for her spin (her turn), pass the materials to the next person, and also she spun successfully a couple of times. She enjoyed herself.

Today, following our morning provocation Kate sat at the table with George and Georgia using wooden, tangram manipulatives to stack a tall tower. Kate was humming again so she and Georgia began to sing songs and Georgia shared some nursery rhymes with the group.

Our days of the week song is a movement song where the children bend their knees to the rhythm of the song. Kate and I have been working on this and today she moved to the rhythm of the song alongside her friends.

We took a trip to the library this morning and Ms. Marian read the class a fun story about a little boy that had a job as a paper boy. Kate also made mail for Jason during our small group time.

Fine tuning fine motor skils

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