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Kate’s Preschool Adventures 10.01.18 – 10.05.18

I don’t need to wonder, as an inclusion parent at Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool, what goes into my daughter’s excitement about going to school every day.

The daily note I receive from Kate’s Inclusion specialist spells out the rich adventure that is her day – from support in acquiring knowledge and skills needed for success in school to encouragement with eye contact and confidence-boosting peer interactions.

Below are a few highlights of Kate’s week, October 1 – 5, 2018, taken from her facilitator’s daily note:


Friends in the classroom love to say “hi” to Kate. We are working on her turning her attention toward whomever is speaking to her as well as returning and initiating greetings.

It is so sweet how all of our Ivy Room friends love on Kate. Today Campbell said to Kate, “I love you, Kate.”

For this morning’s provocation, the children were asked to revisit all the information that we have learned about insects since we’ve started our classroom study, then draw a picture to match their words. We have an abundance of bug manipulative on our learning table, so I talked with Kate about what we were doing and asked her to show me which insect she wanted to draw. She walked over to the learning table and searched until she found what she wanted. She chose the grasshopper. She carried it back to her workspace and then we talked about which colors she noticed on the grasshopper (yellow and green) before she started her drawing.

Kate sat next to Titus today in morning meeting. (We sit in a boy/girl pattern for morning meeting and also during snack). She was making great eye contact with him and had a great time smiling and laughing with him.

Campbell and Georgia were loving on Kate this morning. Campbell is so excited about her upcoming birthday and wanted to tell the girls all about it. Kate engaged the group for a brief time and we were able to work on some approximations, including Kate in the conversation about birthdays.

The girls were still so excited about Campbell’s birthday yesterday and this morning (after they each gave Kate a big hug) they gathered around her on the rug and first looked at a book of Kate’s choosing and then included her in a game they were playing about birthdays.

Luke and Kate worked together using some of the light area manipulatives to build a house with a triangle roof.

Later, Kate decided she wanted to make mail. The children share a sheet of paper that has miniature photos of all the Ivy Room classmates with their names written under each photo. Ava handed Kate the paper when I asked Kate who she wanted to make mail for. She pointed to Luke’s photo twice. She made mail for him and then we practiced saying his name. He was nearby and began to blush as he overheard the news about receiving his mail from Kate. Later, he approached her and asked for a high-five. He was thrilled when she readily obliged. Then, lots of the other boys and girls wanted to high-five her as well.

Kate, Hannah and Luke explored the learning table area this morning, especially with the new addition of our mirror, where Kate enjoyed looking at her reflection as well as that of the grasshopper she was holding closely. Luke greeted her by giving her a few high-fives. Later, as they walked to the play yard (they’re both door holders this week so they’re in line together) they held hands. Luke said, “Kate is my friend because I love her.” How sweet!

Kate worked with Campbell, Hannah, and Reese to create one of our class offerings for our insect study. Using sticks to outline and detail the shape (Kate helped to snap the sticks into small pieces) they created a large insect wing. Kate enjoyed this. We also practiced cutting!

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