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Kate’s Preschool Adventures 02.11.19 – 02.15.19

It was a week full of love! From the classroom Valentine’s Day celebration and its lead-up to several tender moments with classmates, Kate had a memorable week. My favorite moment was Keith’s desire to help Kate attend to story time. Engagement is a goal that we are always working on, especially because learning and attending can be difficult work for Kate so at times, she attempts to opt out of an activity by humming or fidgeting. Her friend Keith caught onto that and wanted her to be successful, so he helped her tune into the task at hand and listen. I love that Keith’s actions allowed Kate to participate as she should and in turn, Keith felt like a good friend … a mutual win for their self-esteem.

Below are a few highlights of Kate’s week, February 11 – 15, 2019, taken from her facilitator’s daily note:

Kate joined a game of Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel with George and Georgia. She did a great job spinning the spinner when it was her turn and also passing the materials to the next player. She also helped clean up when it was time to get ready for snack.

Kate worked with Hannah, Madeline, Luke V., and Titus in the studio with Ms. Cindy today. They were working together, using clay, to make a "bug town." Kate loved using the rolling pin and also imprinting insects into the clay. She made a sun, a bee imprint, and house fly imprint. Madeline helped to "scratch and attach" (a technique we have learned in the studio) Kate's pieces to one of the towers.

What a fun day Kate had today. She truly arrived ready to have a great day. She was very happy and cheerful. Our special scooter friend, Madeline, was so excited to join Kate today. She kept looking at all of the children's pictures that line our classroom wall and pointing at each of them until she got to her picture and she would smile each time.

We also invited two more friends from Ms. Elene's classroom to join us — Jackson (who was celebrating his fourth birthday today) and Tommy (a friend who has joined us before) also came with us. We all had a great time using both scooter boards and hula hoops.

Kate worked at the writing table this morning with Ava, Keith, Luke P., Max, and Quinn working on Valentine's bags for our classroom exchange on Thursday. Ms. Shauna helped Kate to write "Kate's Valentine's Bag." She then decorated the bag with markers and paint sticks.

Kate sat with Keith on the bench to listen to a story read by Ms. Kate. Kate was humming from time to time and I could tell that Keith was wanting to help her to be a listener. I whispered to him some words and phrases that he could use to help encourage her, like: "It's a listening time, Kate." She listened to him each time and he was so proud of himself for being a good friend.

Good afternoon! Kate had a very exciting day today. She finished her Valentine's bag for our classroom exchange and also made a craft heart to give as a love gift to whomever she chooses. She seemed like she needed to release some energy this morning, so we took a quick visit to the OT room to jump on the trampoline. We also joined Ms. Polly and a group of friends from her classroom to play a game of "duck, duck, goose." Kate enjoyed that, especially when she got to choose Caroline as the "goose."

Kate played a game of Candy Land with Georgia and Keith. They were being such good helpers with turn taking and sharing materials.

On the play yard, Kate and Reese played together for a short while. Kate walked on the stumps that line the fence. Then, some other friends joined as well. Kate also went down the slide a couple of times.

Kate used markers, paint sticks and scissors today with her crafting.

Happy Love Day! Today was such a fun-filled day and all of the boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed the excitement. Max's mom and grandmother came to visit this morning and read a fun story to the class. Afterward, we visited the library to check out books. Kate and Reese sat together for the story and Reese also helped Kate to check out her library book.

Kate also enjoyed placing Valentine's in all of her friends' bags and finishing up her heart, love gifts. I had to encourage her to continue to hold the crayon and color.

Kate and Keith played on the slides together on the play yard after they came from OT group.

We practiced cutting in the OT group today. Kate needed lots of hand over hand help to cut out two hearts. She also had to have help squeezing the glue from the bottle to attach the two hearts.

Happy Friday! Kate had an absolutely happy day today. This morning when she was working on her thank you card for George (our snack helper this week) there was something that absolutely tickled her and she could not stop laughing. Her laughter was very infectious and soon all of the friends around her (Alexander, Keith, and Madeline) and all of the teachers were smiling and laughing with her.

We had strawberries this week and that was both Kate and Keith's favorite snack. Keith was uncertain about how to draw the shape of a strawberry and therefore drew some reference from looking at Kate's strawberry leggings. The two of them worked together (Keith helped Kate to pick the colors for the strawberry and the strawberry's leaves.) until we took a quick pause to celebrate Titus's fifth birthday today. His mom came in to share, with the class, pictures from his birth to the present day. Kate got a laughing kick out of some of the silly pictures.

Mary Elliott was very anxious to join Kate today on the scooter board adventure. She had lots of suggestions on how we could use the scooters and Kate visibly enjoyed her time with Mary Elliott. They even did a couple of relay races before we prepared to return to our classroom for music class.

The children used egg shakers today as they sang along to fun songs about animals and favorite foods. Kate is learning the motions for one of our chapel songs and is doing well with just one tap to remind her where to place her hands (on her heart). She loves music with Ms. Libby!

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