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Kate’s Preschool Adventures 02.04.19 – 02.08.19

Kate was high-energy this week, even waking up at 3:30am on Tuesday morning (and staying awake for THREE hours! Needless to say, I let her sleep in and we arrived late). Despite that and another early morning wake-up later in the week, she packed a lot in at school – including Dad’s Day, which made for a happy end to the week. Kate’s facilitator, Ms. Shauna, and I sat down this week to catch up with each other about Kate’s progress and next steps with learning sign language. During that conversation, Ms. Shauna shared that the children in Kate’s classroom are feeling extra attached to Kate after their adventures on the scooter board with her. This week, one scooter buddy, Luke P., wanted to stay at Kate’s side for the rest of the day after their adventure together – but classmate Reese wanted time, too. I love that Kate got to enjoy “both of them doting on her.” Kate’s facilitator, teachers and classmates give her the one thing I can’t: an early childhood school experience that is supportive and joyful, putting the necessary foundation in place for future school experiences. Thanks to them, she’s happy to be at school and learn!

Below are a few highlights of Kate’s week, February 4 – 8, 2019, taken from her facilitator’s daily note:

Kate had a wonderful day at school. She was excited to draw a picture about Sophie's birthday party over the weekend. When I read the note describing when Kate and Finn were making frosting mustaches, Kate started laughing uncontrollably. I can tell that was a highlight for her.

Our special adventure friend today was Luke P. He was just as excited as Kate was to embark on the journey. Kate had a blast chasing him on the scooter and also racing him on foot. They held hands the whole way to the tunnel and the whole way back. We have some "candy land" squares that line some of the hallways. The children love to jump on them. Kate held Luke's hand as he jumped (and encouraged her to jump alongside him). The first time around, she just laughed with him. The second time around, however, she jumped with him (as they held hands).

For the remainder of the day, Luke wanted to be right by Kate's side. They painted on the easels, worked with clay together, and also used the maker cart (which is a new addition to the school and is similar to a tinkering cart). He also wanted her to sit by him when it was time to listen to a story before dismissal. It was so sweet because Reese had to be flexible and share her best buddy Kate with Luke. Kate (of course) loved the both of them doting on her. Both of them continued to help and encourage her throughout the rest of the day. Luke encouraged her to use the clay tools and demonstrated the appropriate use for each. Later, Reese helped Kate play a card game (Go Fish) with Luke V. Kate and Reese both ended up with three matches and Reese was super thrilled about that.

Kate used sign today during snack to communicate with Ms. Kate about which items she wanted.

We facilitated all of our trips to the bathroom today by Kate signing "yes" or "no" to me to tell me that she had to go. Each time she told me "yes", we went to the potty and she went right away. She was so proud of herself (as was Ms. Shauna).

Kate's friends in the classroom are so sweet. Some of them had been asking about her all morning and the teachers had informed them that she would be arriving late. Many of them prayed for her arrival this morning when we had our gathering time at morning meeting.

Kate came in ready to start the morning today and worked with Ms. Marian to draw a picture of what she ate for breakfast before school.

Luke V. was our special scooter friend today. He and Kate had a circle-spinning competition to see who could stay on the scooter the longest. Kate started off with a record-breaking 21 seconds!

Campbell and Luke P. were two great helpers for Kate today, helping and encouraging her to help clean up the classroom for snack and also saving space for her when it was time to read a story.

Kate drew her portrait of dad today in preparation for Dad's Day this Friday. With verbal prompts and minimal physical guidance, we worked on drawing an image of dad's face (eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and hair). Kate continues to alternate between using her left and right hands to draw, paint, and write.

What a busy day we had today! We began our morning by visiting the library. Ms. Marian read a book to the class and Ms. Shauna helped friends check out books. Kate did a very good job sitting in the same place the entire time and directing her eyes toward Ms. Marian.

During one of our trips to the bathroom, Kate saw Ms. Jamee and she told Kate that she would see her later. A few minutes later, Kate was very distinctly singing a song with the 'Bingo' tune. Kate and Keith worked together to make Valentine's mail. She made mail for Madeline and Keith made mail for his big sister.

When it was Kate's turn to pray today, Ms. Marian prompted her to say "thank you, God" and Kate signed thank you.

What a fun morning it was to welcome all of the dads into the classroom. Everyone was so excited and worked very hard to use their creativity to make insects using the loose materials from our school's "maker cart." Scott, it was so sweet to see the way Kate embraced you when you arrived this morning. She was happy to see you. And, in "true" Kate fashion, she gave all of the orders while dad worked on the creation. Kate helped to hold materials from time to time.

Kate also enjoyed our visit to the music class. We used scarves and tambourines. We learned two new songs for chapel and also sang a fun song with Pinnochio as the star. (It was very similar to what we know as the 'Hokey Pokey'). It was super fun. Kate enjoyed herself tremendously.

Kate and Ava played on the play yard today. I encouraged Ava to ask Kate (as they were holding hands) what she wanted to do and to show Ava by using her body. Kate led Ava to the fence that she likes to walk near and they climbed together. Titus joined also.

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