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Kate’s Preschool Adventures 01.21.19 – 01.25.19

This week, Monday was a holiday and I kept Kate home on Tuesday and Wednesday because she had the cold that seems to be reaching everyone this winter. She was so happy to return to school on Thursday! I loved seeing Kate’s letter work (D, E, and F) come home and even more importantly, I loved the eye contact and joyful interaction that emerged from Kate’s scooter break with Hannah. At home, Kate’s desire to play is increasing rapidly, as is her desire to connect with everyone around her. The trust-based peer relationships she builds at school are central to her social development and a game changer for a child with a social-communicative disorder (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Below are a few highlights of Kate’s week, January 21 – 25, 2019, taken from her facilitator’s daily note:

Welcome back to Kate! We were so happy to have her return today.

In the small OT (occupational therapy) group today, the children worked on "frog jump" letters. They used long and short sticks to form letters (D, E, and F) and also used a tennis ball to practice some fine motor skills as well. Kate used two hands to squeeze the ball. There was a slit in it that represented a mouth for the "frog." Kate enjoyed this activity. We will work to discover her dominant hand and continue to strengthen her grasp. Kate also got a lot of practice with making vertical lines with the handwriting that she did.

Kate had such a good day today. Hannah was her special friend that was invited to go on our "adventure." Hannah has literally been asking us since the very first day we began the scooter adventure when she would have a turn. Needless to say, she was so excited to come with us. She and Kate played tag on the scooter boards. Kate had a turn to catch Hannah and Hannah had a turn to catch Kate. Kate was overjoyed when it was Hannah's turn to catch her. She kept turning around and looking back at Hannah laughing uncontrollably. They had such a good time together. Even when we returned to the classroom and it was time for small groups, Hannah said "I want to go to the same place as Kate." So, the two of them went to the art table to work on sketching a piece of bark with insect holes in it (Ms. Marian brought it in for our classroom's learning table.)

Half of our class went to visit Ms. Libby in the music room. We practiced our chapel songs which have a lot of movements. Kate is doing a great job of following my verbal prompts for the motions of "heart" and "big" for the songs. She also (with verbal reminders and a couple of physical demonstrations) played the instruments.

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