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 1 in 20 kids has a disability. That gives all children a chance to learn about diversity, collaboration, empathy, acceptance, inclusion and friendship.

Decades of research support the positive impacts of inclusive education on all children and teachers in the classroom. Inclusive environments do not happen by chance, they take careful preparation and planning. Our preschool prioritizes inclusion with purposeful planning. We create a loving, inclusive school where all of our children thrive. In our classrooms, children with special needs blossom by learning alongside their typically developing peers. Children without special needs learn compassion and acceptance.


Many families would not be able to participate in our inclusion program without financial assistance. The Springtime at Peachtree Benefit is our annual fundraiser supporting the Inclusion Program. The money we raise will go directly to supplies and technology for our participating classrooms and to scholarships for families with children in the program.

The Preschool has opened Teddy up to a world where he is wanted, engaged, and extraordinarily happy, and has changed all of our lives for the better. I will be eternally grateful for this program.




“As a parent of a child with special needs, Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool has been a life changer. Through the Preschool’s Inclusion Program, Teddy has been genuinely welcomed with open arms by his teachers and his peers. With the help of his amazing facilitator, he actively participates, integrates and engages with teachers and classmates. He is learning how to communicate purposefully and hence, really be part of the class. He is growing and learning every day–and forming real friendships.


I never thought such an environment would exist for Teddy—it hadn’t previously. We were saddened and struggling with Teddy’s level of engagement and inclusion at his former school. Once we found Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool and the Inclusion Program, we made the decision to move our entire family from Ireland so that he could experience a different approach to education.”





serves approximately 320 families, caring for about 350 children ages 18 months to 6 years old.




have an inclusion specialist in approximately 60% of our classrooms who assist the 24 children with extra needs currently participating in the program.




in our classrooms have special needs, ranging from physical disabilities to Down’s Syndrome to autism spectrum disorders—and learn alongside their typically developing peers.

Every child deserves this kind of education: strong, supportive, connected, creative. This kind of education empowers children, and each empowered child helps to make the world a better, brighter place.




“Until I watched it happen, I had no idea that a child could or would choose to disengage in preschool. Yet my toddler lapped the room; flipped through books alone in the corner; and cried on and off all day. She was in a good preschool, but it didn’t matter; her frustration was palpable.


I now know what I didn’t then — that my daughter, Kate, is on her own developmental path, with a mind and body that she works hard to master. And thanks to Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool, she no longer does that work alone in the corner of the room. Kate’s incredible facilitator encourages independence while lending support with academics; gross and fine motor skills; building friendships; and more. My daughter walks herself into school, tear-free. She is happy and bubbly at pick-up. She’s enjoying school for the first time and she’s more confident, 
curious, and imaginative by the day.


The people of Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool — teachers, management, and fellow parents — have created so much magic in our lives in just a few months that we can barely believe it."




Help us raise money to support the Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool Inclusion Program and the three E’s of our Mission: EDUCATION, EMPATHY & EMPOWERMENT!


Make an educational opportunity possible for a family in need. The funds raised by our annual Springtime at Peachtree benefit go directly to scholarships and resources for the Inclusion Program. This vital Program can change a participant’s life and trajectory. We have countless, beautiful testimonials speaking to the profound and immeasurable impact of the Program.


Sponsor and Attend the 10th Annual Springtime at Peachtree benefit on Friday, March 25, 2022.

This is a fun, parents-only gala celebration — complete with live & silent auctions, food, bar and entertainment. This is a memorable annual event that YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!